eBook prices… and Canadians being too damn nice

I read a lot. I buy a lot of books, but I also borrow books from the library (because I do have a budget). Living in Canada I own a Kobo and only more recently downloaded a Kindle app. And it’s brought to my attention how badly Canadians are gouged on the pricing of eBooks.

I knew this was an issue with paper books, and as much as it sucks, I get it. But ebooks? There is no reason. And the best part? We’re even penalized for buying eBooks on Amazon.com instead of (the very new) Amazon.ca Kindle store. Yup.

Book A on Amazon.com costs me (in Canada) $18.40 USD. An American buying the SAME book from the SAME URL pays only $10.99 USD.

But it gets better… if I buy from Amazon.ca that same book only costs me $15.99 CDN. From the SAME publisher! (I’m looking at you Penguin; but in my very limited search Harper Collins, Macmillan, and others are also guilty).

So I did some research, and found some articles in which of course publishers don’t get back to the reporter because they have no reasonable answer for this! Basically it comes down to previous pricing practices (à la paper books) and that publishers expect Canadians to pay more because we WILL pay more.

So please, Canadians, wake up to the continuous price gouging! 

And in the meantime guess which eBooks I will only be getting via the library (sorry authors).